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Light Handle for B·IRON

  • 180.00 EUR
Article Number: JBC-B100-A
Supplier: JBC
It performs up to 100 medium-sized SMD soldering joints per charge.
Perfect for R&D department and individual jobs.
Charging the handle is quick and effortless thanks to the built-in base charger*.
Thanks to its 35 grs, this handle is specially designed to ensure comfort and precision.
• Fully compatible with C210 Cartridge Range.
Power safe mode that can be activated by putting on the cap.
• JBC Intelligent Heat Management ensures an extremely quick temperature recovery, reaching 350°C in less than 3 seconds.
• From any device with Bluetooth, you can remotely control and configure the tool parameters by using the app.
Alternatively, use your own device. You can download the app from:

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* If you do not have a charging base, you must start by acquiring B·IRON 100.
*Cartridge not included