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JBC Tools offers over 500 cartridge and tip shapes designed for various soldering applications. Their range includes:

  • Soldering Cartridges: General purpose and specialized tips such as conical, chisel, bevel, spoon, barrel, and more.
  • Selective Soldering Cartridges: These are for specific soldering needs, including chisel, grooved chisel, and barrel.
  • Tweezer Cartridges: Designed for precision work with general and specialized tips.
  • Desoldering Tips: For through-hole desoldering and pad cleaning.
  • Hot Air Cartridges (Nozzles): Straight and bent types.
  • Wire Stripper Cartridges: Various designs for stripping different wire types.

Custom tips are also available upon request. 

We are working on grouping cartridges into categories for easy navigation. If you know the JBC part number, you can use the search bar.