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Solder reclaim

Sell your surplus and scrap solder and turn it into cash! We pay you cash for dross, paste, wires, ingots and bars.

How it works

Order containter
We provide labeled containers free of charge.

Collect & return
You collect your solder scrap and return to us.

Price calculation
We provide a full detailed analysis and a quotaion based on LME.

Receive money
You send us an invoice and we pay you.

Responsible Solder Reclaim for Solder Waste & Environmental Protection

As part of the Tim-Nordic customer care program, electronics assemblers can take advantage of a safe, efficient solder reclaim service which will help companies meet the environmental and legislative requirements while maximizing return on their solder waste.

Controlled collection and reprocessing of solder scrap

Tim-Nordic Reclaim Services is fully equipped to handle and reprocess all lead-free soldering alloys as well as traditional leaded alloys.

  • Conformance to local and international regulations. 
  • Containers supplied for the collection of scrap. 
  • ISO-14001 certified facilities. 

Companies using lead-free solder must still dispose of their solder dross in a controlled, responsible way. 

With our suppliers refining capabilities we are able to help customers maximize the value of their materials. We provide green, labeled buckets to help customers keep their lead-free dross segregated so they can maximize its value.

Solder paste recycling

Solder paste is a combination of flux and solder powder and as such requires special reprocessing methods. Unused solder paste should be segregated in a separate container for recycling. CRM is a major global manufacturer of solders, and has all the expertise required for its safe processing.

Upon request, we also supply a certificate of recycling which is your proof the material was recycled.