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B·IRON System

JBC Battery-Powered System

Empower Your Soldering with Mobility and Precision

Experience unparalleled convenience and efficiency with the JBC Battery-Powered System. Designed for professionals who need flexibility without compromising on performance, this system is the ideal solution for on-the-go soldering tasks.

Effortless Charging and Maintenance

Charging your B·IRON tool is seamless with the charger integrated into the stand. This innovative design allows the tool to fully charge while resting in Hibernation Mode, which also helps to prevent tip oxidation, ensuring your soldering tips remain in peak condition for longer.

Enhanced Safety Features

The B·IRON tool includes a power-safe mode activated by its safety cap. If the tool remains idle for more than an hour, it shuts off automatically, conserving battery life and enhancing safety. The tool can only be reactivated by placing it back on its charging stand, ensuring it's always ready when you are.

Optimize Your Soldering Quality

Improve and optimize your soldering quality with the B·IRON app. This powerful tool allows you to configure and control the system with ease. You can monitor performance, adjust settings, and ensure consistent soldering quality directly from the app. Additionally, the app is compatible with your device, providing flexibility and convenience.

Why Choose JBC Battery-Powered System?

  • Mobility and Flexibility: Perfect for fieldwork and mobile applications, the battery-powered system gives you the freedom to solder anywhere.
  • Advanced Features: With integrated charging, automatic shut-off, and app-based control, the B·IRON system is designed for modern soldering needs.
  • Quality and Reliability: JBC’s commitment to quality ensures that every component of the battery-powered system delivers outstanding performance and durability.

Elevate your soldering experience with the JBC Battery-Powered System. Whether you are in electronics repair, field service, or any application requiring portable soldering solutions, this system provides the reliability and precision you need.

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