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Automatic Heavy Duty Soldering Set for Robot

  • 6,500.00 EUR
Article Number: JBC-HA470A-5B
Supplier: JBC
HA470 Heavy Duty Soldering Set is the most powerful selective soldering solution and the first one featuring Automatic Cartridge Exchange.
This Soldering Set is composed by:
  • TRA470 Soldering Unit, in combination with CSR470 Cartridge Exchanger, allows the soldering robot to use different tip shapes to achieve the highest quality on each soldering point.

  • SFR Solder Feeder, includes a solder-wire perforation allowing better flux flow and outgassing, avoiding solder splashing when soldering.

  • CLRP Tip Cleaner, tip cleaning is carried out in just one second, increasing heat transfer and improving soldering quality.

  • •Remote control the UCR Control Unit by the robot (PC or PLC) using RS232 JBC Communication Protocol. Download it here.

  • R470 Cartridges and GSFR Guide Kit are not included.