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Filter with HEPA H14 for Fume Extractor

  • 300.00 EUR
Article Number: JBC-FAE1-200
Supplier: JBC
JBC FAE1H Fume Extractor features a three-layered filter.
Its includes:
FAE1110 Pre-filter retains large solid particles in order to protect HEPA filter H14 and extend its lifetime.
HEPA filter H14, it filters out the remaining solid particles and it used where extremely high air purification is required.
More efficient in particle retention MPPS * = 99.995% (in accordance with EN 1822).
Active Carbon filter effectively absorbs gas molecules, providing filtration even for those particles that may not be captured by other ones.
FAE1H has a LED warning to know when it is time to replace the filters. It is also notified through the unit display.