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MODI WES5 incoming goods scanner and traceability systems

Get rid of your hidden costs for goods registration and SMT line placement errors. MODI Modular Digits GmbH – Your Go-To for smarter solutions in goods reception, handling and production! With over 30 years of expertise, MODI is your trusted specialist in identification solutions and process optimization within the electronics and pharmaceutical industries. MODI trace brings a unique twist to enhancing your goods receipt and production processes

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In today's dynamic industry landscape, traceability is paramount. Components must to be seamlessly traceable throughout the entire production process, even after several months or years. This guarantees transparency, allowing you to pinpoint the batch, lot number, and date codes of components, along with the exact time and location of their integration.

The MODI Trace incoming goods system WES V5 combines intelligent information processing from captured images and data administration into a fundamental building block of Industry 5.0.

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1. Precision in Reading: The cutting-edge technology ensures accurate reading of manufacturer product information during the initial process. This step is crucial as it forms the foundation for traceability.

2. Data Verification: The system compares the manufacturer's product information with your customer's article master database or ERP system. Only when there's a confirmed data identity does our system grant clearance for the item.

3. Seamless Integration: The system solution ensures a smooth and secure integration process, where every component is tracked, verified, and seamlessly integrated into the production line.

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