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Martin Expert 10.6 HXV - used

  • 13,375.00 EUR
Article Number: 8
Supplier: Martin

Used and refurbished 5,300 W Rework station.

Rework Station with 5,300 W hybrid under-heating system. The heating area of 450 x 420 mm2 is adjustable to PCB size. Automated SMD placement process by Auto Vision Placer (AVP) incl. EASYSOLDER 07 software package and DBL 06 control unit with six high-resolution sensor inputs for thermocouples (Type K).

This system is particularly suitable for large size PCBs like PCs, Laptops and Server Boards with small up to very big components.

  • Built 2012
  • Refurbished by Martin
  • 1-year full warranty